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2020 BMW

Charge up your routine with BMW's revolutionary electric sedan.


Broaden Your Horions

The BMW i3 and i3s are perfect companions for daily commutes and road trips with high-capacity batteries that can be fully charged in under 6 hours. 


More range means more adventure.

Experience the freedom to explore new terrain with range to spare.


Designed to Change Minds

In the BMW i3 family, everything is intentional from the wheels on up. These compact electric vehicles are built to deliver new dimensions of performance, reliability, and fun.


Framework for efficiency.

The BMW i3 is built using two lightweight components - an aluminum Drive Module, and a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Life Module for passengers. The lighter weight helps increase range while the Drive Module provides a lower center of gravity for improved maneuverability.


Larger standard wheels.

The 20" wheels - standard on the BMW i3s and available for the BMW i3 - add eye-catching elegance to this sporty electric vehicle.


Maximized interior space.

Compact doesn't mean cramped. Rear-hinged coach doors and the lack of a B-pillar expose the entire side of the i3 for easier access and an expansive feel.


Natural materials.

Each of the three Design Worlds incorporates natural materials, like leather tanned with olive leaf extract, to turn your BMW i3's interior into a relaxing atmosphere.


The Craft of the Conscientious

Born electric. Built sustainable. When it comes to driving a positive change, the BMW i3 and i3s are true revolutionaries.