Honda Odyssey
Information and Special Offers in the Jamaica, NY Area

2020 Honda

Adventure for the Family

The Odyssey is designed with available 19-inch alloy wheels and dynamic styling cues. It's the perfect family minivan for any adventure.

Ultra-Modern Styling

Ultra-modern styling and easy-access features like power sliding doors make the Odyssey a delight to look at or to load up.

Everyone's Happy Place

The interior of the Odyssey has never been more impressive, with exclusive features that give everyone more comfort, more connectivity and more fun. 

Power Sliding Doors

The power sliding doors open wide for easy cargo loading and passenger entry, and can be remotely opened or closed from up to 50 feet away with your key fob.

CabinWatch and CabinTalk

Keep an eye on your rear passengers, even in the dark, with CabinWatch. You can also speak to them with CabinTalk, which lets your voice come through either their connected headphones or the rear speakers.

Leather-Trimmed Interior

With a leather-trimmed interior and soft-touch premium materials throuhgout the cabin, you can ride in style and treat your passengers to the same comfortable experience.

Something for Everyone

The Odyssey was designed with a host of smart features that help you and your passengers stay connected and entertained. And with a 280-horsepower engine and 10-speed automatic transmission, it even makes the drive more fun.


Too cold? Too warm? Your passengers can adjust the interior temperature with the CabinControl app's climate-control feature. And with the social playlist feature, everyone can have a say in the music played by simply adding a song to a playlist.

Premium Audio

The perfect soundtrack makes every drive that much better. The available 11-speaker premium audio system helps turn pretty much any soundtrack into the perfect one.

Multi-Angle Rearview Camera

Choose from three different angles - normal, top-down and wide - for a better view of what's behind you whenever you shift into reverse.