Honda Clarity Fuel Cell
Information and Special Offers in the Jamaica, NY Area

2018 Honda
Clarity Fuel Cell

The Power of Efficiency

Unlike other cars in its class, this Clarity uses a fuel cell stack that fits entirely under the hood, resulting in a spacious 5-person interior.

Familiar Fueling

With on-screen prompts and a familiar pump design, fueling your Clarity Fuel Cell is as quick and simple as filling up a gas-powered car.

Safety First

Constructed of resilient and lightweight carbon fiber, the hydrogen fuel tanks are mounted securely within the frame to protect them from impact

HondaLink App

Remotely check for fuel level, driving range, and the location of nearby hydrogen-refueling stations with the HondaLink

Premium Audio

The Clarity Fuel Cell features an 8-inch Display Audio Touch-Screen and a 540-watt, 12-speaker premium audio system.

Shaped for Airflow

The naturally-inspired body shape streamlines airflow over the top, sides and under the vehicle contributing to quiet comfort as you drive.

Underfloor Covers

The exterior is aerodynamic from every angle, with a covered underbody for unobstructed airflow.

Central Command

The sound-insulated cabin of the Clarity Fuel Cell is a unique balance of comfortable convenience and premium technology, all within your reach.

Touch Control

The touch-sensitive steering wheel-mounted controls make it easy to answer calls, adjust the volume and access driver information.

Driver-Centered Design

The Clarity Fuel Cell is designed around the driver, from the one-touch electronic gear selector to the performance-boosting Sport Mode.

Seating for Five

Smart engineering allows the entire powertrain to fit under the hood, creating a spacious interior and class-leading 5-passenger seating.

Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)

Helps brake the vehicle when it senses an otherwise unavoidable collision with a vehicle detected in front of you.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow helps you maintain a set following interval on the highway, so you don't have to manually change your speed.