Honda Civic Si Sedan
Information and Special Offers in the Jamaica, NY Area

2019 Honda
Civic Si Sedan

A Menacing Stare

An aggressive sport bumper, the legendary red Is badge framed by a menacing gloss black grille, and that snarling lip make the Civic Si Sedan hard to miss. 


Ready for Takeoff

Featuring a turbocharged engine, a wing spoiler and a center outlet exhaust, the 2019 Civic Si Sedan pushes the limits not only of performance, but of style as well. 


Unlock Excitement

Combining the best features of a sports car and a sedan, the Civic Si Sedan offers an eye-catching and premium cabin experience.


Track-Ready Tech

Add to the thrill of every outing with a leather-wrapped steering wheel, customizable driver-focused displays like a boost meter, rev-limit indicator and a G-force gauge plus a 7-inch Display Audio touch-screen. 


Turbocharged Power

Every inch of the 205-horsepower Civic Si Sedan was built for exhilarating performance on the track and the street.