Hyundai Accent
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2021 Hyundai

Helping you keep an eye on everything.

Being safer comes easy when you've got Accent looking out for unexpected danger. Accent's intuitive safety advances impress, like available Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist, and a feature that shows what's behind you on the convenient Rear View Monitor up front.⁠

Next-level entry level.

Modern is in the details. From an available big color touchscreen display, to tech that syncs to your phone for maps and infotainment, Accent is all about sophistication.⁠

Smart Trunk

Hands full? With this available option, Accent releases its trunk for you automatically when the Proximity Key is near.⁠

Proximity Key

Having this available feature means no more reaching for the keys. Just get in, press the button and go. ⁠

At the heart of it all — your smartphone.

Connect your iPhone with Apple CarPlay and access your favorite mobile apps safely from Accent's touchscreen. Apple CarPlay screen shown. Got an Android? Use Android Auto to get to your smartphone apps, maps and infotainment.

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